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Choosing a hardwood floor just got easier

When you’re just getting started in floor shopping, it can seem like a daunting task. However, narrowing your options down to a great hardwood floor covering makes the process so much easier. Once you have your material in mind, you can work on personalizing the floors to your specific requirements.

In this flooring line, you have a wealth of benefits of which you can take advantage. Excellent durability, stunning appearances, and an extensive lifespan are just a few of the ways this material could be perfect for you and your family. What’s more, you can personalize these floors more than you might think possible.

Planning the perfect hardwood floor

For the perfect wood floor covering, it’s best to start with a species choice that meets your home’s activity level. The more active your home, the harder the wood species you’ll require. This helps to assure that your flooring will never begin to break down prematurely.

You can add a beautiful stain color as well, and you’ll have many more color options if you choose a site-finished material. Prefinished floors are a great choice too, but there are fewer color choices. To decide which is best for you, it’s good to know that prefinished floors offer a faster installation period, which can help make the decision easier.
Wear and tear is something that happens to all flooring types, but these floors offer an extra benefit in this area. After a few decades, when wear starts to show easily, you can opt to have your floors refinished instead of simply replacing them. It’s more affordable, strips the wood down to a fresh layer, and allows you to add a brand-new stain color and finish type.

When choosing a finish, especially if you have children or pets in your home, you might be best served by something that helps hide wear. Vintage, hand-scraped, or wire-brushed finishes all work to hide scrapes, scuffs, and scratches, leaving you with a gorgeous flooring longer. If you need hardwood in St. Louis, MO, be sure to ask about how they can benefit your home.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Chesterfield, MO from Floor Source

Making your final hardwood flooring choices

If you need flooring and are in the areas of Maryland Heights, Chesterfield, Ladue, Central West End, or Frontenac, MO, Floor Source invites you to visit our St. Louis, MO showroom.

We are here to make sure you find the perfect wood flooring, so be sure to stop by at your convenience.